BlackBerry Z10 Battery Life after OS update.


BlackBerry had recently rolled out their most awaited OS version to all the other BB10 devices other than BlackBerry Classic & BlackBerry Passport.
The new & refreshed OS, BlackBerry OS provides tonnes of new features.

I being a Technology Geek & an Entrepreneur still use BlackBerry Z10 as my Primary Device & the battery issue was always the problem for me.
After the OS update, it looks promising & have been providing Great Battery Life, better than before giving almost 12 hours of Battery Life With Mixed Usage of Wifi, Games & Emailing.

Above is the picture of a snapshot of my device.
Thanks BlackBerry. Ltd.

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Always take Wise Decisions !!!

Currently I’m pursuing my Engineering & I’ve come across various moments when some people take wrong decisions in their due to some of their in ability to succeed in a particular purpose! Some decisions are so wrong that they often end of doing bad to them! 
Life is beautiful & no matter how much pain we have in our life & difficulties, it is going to pass & make you stronger in life! 

Here is the short film made by Golden KT Engineer’s Productions(me & my team mates) which is Based on Student’s Life & Promoting a positive message of Life! message!

Hit this link below & Enjoy the film!
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THE DECISION (Encounter with Love) 2014

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Adorable Love.

Adorable Love.

I found out this picture & after reading it I just love the way it has been made. Love is beautiful we all know. This shows how adorable it can be. And this is how the true love should be in this fake modernized world. Love those cute little couples from childhood.

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