How to Lead People and Influence Teams

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A little over a decade ago I found my passion in the areas of leadership development, organizational health, and personal & professional growth when I went to work for Inc. Magazine’s current #1 Leadership and Management guru Dr. John C. Maxwell.

My role at the time was Director of Corporate sales in charge of business development for the newly minted corporate training offering. It was an exciting time because of all of the new things that I was learning and all of the great people I was privileged to be around.

I simply fell in love with the people. Many of those co-workers, clients, and associates are still friends today. And many have gone on to outstanding careers and have done amazing things.

It’s About People

What I learned from that time is the importance of understanding people in the deepest sense. I learned what drove people. I…

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Spread the Positivity around you.

Spread the Positivity around you.

I visited my home branch bank today for some personal transactions and some banking issues, I found out this beautiful quote by Zig Ziglar over there which was really motivating as I entered. Looks like these days even Banks are trying to keep their customers motivated with positive environment.


Giving is the best Communication!!!!!

I found out these video recently from one of my friends. I was really touched by it. So just thought to share it with you all people.

Felt really awesome. Some actions can be expressed without words. After watching this you might understand that one good quality of GIVING can change the world.

Enjoy. Learn. Spread.

How to Be a Legendary Leader in 3 Steps

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Employee Rewards

It’s no secret that employee recognition is an important factor in worker morale.

After all, management may make the big bucks and get stuck with the tough decisions, but it’s the workforce that takes care of the day-to-day grind that is the heart of the business.

Employee Appreciation

Happy employees are ones who are appreciated for their hard work, while the ones who feel ignored or undervalued tend to negatively affect the entire system.

You can see article after article on how one can properly show employee appreciation. And it’s up to you as a leader to tailor those suggestions into a strategy that works best for your company, but while you do that, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Step 1: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Employee appreciation doesn’t need to be all encompassing.

For example, have you ever seen a parent praise their child…

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The Seven Pillars of Transparent Leadership

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Transparent Leader

The need for transparency in society is at an all-time high. Trust and transparency are crucial elements to every leader. People have grown tired of dishonesty and want to exist in a work environment that allows one to have greater transparency of words and deeds.

This is accomplished by eliminating the unknowns that continue to crawl into our minds with each relationship we are part of.

Truth Will Set You Free

Today’s employees want to be a part of a workplace culture that delivers the truth every single time.  They desire leaders that are proactive in sharing enough information and feedback with their teams.

In other words, they just want trust and transparency so they can be well-informed in their relationships.

People want to know that their leaders have experienced the same challenges and/or how they have overcome personal hardships. People feel closer to their leader when there is openness…

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Qualities of being a true Leader!!!

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. —Peter Drucker


It was 23rd of June, 2013, Sunday.

The day when all the people of our country rushed into their homes to watch the live match – ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Mega Finals going between India vs England in Birmingham, London.

It was quite exciting day, which was bit upset by the ongoing rains, but as they say, the show must go on! So the officials & the management decided as the rains stop, coin will be tossed and match will be continued, but instead of 50 over match, it will be 20 over match.

India choosed to bat, and they scored an handsome score of 129/7. Next was England’s turn. They started to bat for the target kept for 130 to be score & win. Even if I was enjoying the tournament, my eyes were mainly on the India’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who proved himself as a best captain by his very own qualities.

Qualities that I pointed out that day :

  1. His silent & calm behavior.
  2. Optimistic.
  3. Be a Doer always, God is not going to come & save you at that critical situation.
  4. Just play right, don’t think about what the result would be.
  5. Don’t lose your focus.
  6. Each & every step is very crucial.
  7. Decision making.
  8. Always believe in your team, with whom you work with.

As Indians were playing good & performing better with their each step confusing the opposite team i.e. England. as what to do. Indians won the Championship Trophy beating England by 5 runs with 1 wicket still in hand.

With all those qualities above, proved Mahendra Singh Dhoni(MS Dhoni), a best captain ever lived in the history of Cricket. As he is the only captain who won : ICC Champions Trophy 2013, ICC T20 World Cup & the 50-over World Cup and winning all the 7 matches in tournament.

Scoreboard of the tournament :

After the victory, in an interview he said, “We are now heading over to West Indies to play our next World Cup, so there is no rest, all were are focused on the next match & nothing else.”

Well those are really a leader’s words. A great qualities to be learned from him.